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Eight reasons to choose Jinshi Jinshi 2019-3-15 Click:

The cabinet is a durable consumer product. It generally takes 8-15 years. The countertop is the most important component of the cabinet. Once the countertop is damaged (such as deformation, cracking, discoloration), the best cabinet loses its value Used, so be sure to choose the best countertop. So the top ten reasons to choose a golden stone countertop are:

1. High-end positioning:

Jinshi has always adhered to China's high-end countertop brand positioning and only serves high-end brand buyers;

2. International recognition:
It has passed the US NSF food certification and the Swiss SGS fire and antibacterial inspection. It is a food-grade countertop and is completely healthy, safe and environmentally friendly.

3. Advanced equipment:
Under the guidance of Industry 4.0 theory, the Jinshi manufacturing base uses a PLC fully automatic computer control system, a 3500-ton powerful vibration vacuum press and a 100-degree temperature-controlled tunnel oven through high pressure and high temperature vacuum synthesis.

4. High-quality material selection:
All US titanium dioxide, high-performance resin, gems from South America and quartz ore from India.

5. Powerful R & D:

An international R & D team composed of Italian, Korean, and Chinese engineers keeps Jinshi's new products constantly innovating.

6. Real estate strategy:
Jinshi is a real estate development countertop for Vanke, Vanke, Evergrande, Times, Country Garden and other real estate.

7. Cabinet strategy:
Jinshi forms a strategic partnership with Oupai, Vantage, Han Li, Haier, Zhibang, and Wele.

8. After-sale protection:
With the service concept and quality assurance service based on 16 years in the industry, Kingstone will eliminate your worries.
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